Mineral de Pozos & Santa Brigida Mine

Visit one of the oldest mines in the state and learn about the colonial period of Mexican history. Explore the abandoned structures and walk down into a mine shaft. We’ll also visit a lavender ranch, where we’ll see the different species of lavender and how it’s processed. Includes a delicous Mexican lunch in a quaint local restaurant downtown.

Mineral de Pozos is located in an area which was once populated by nomad indigenous tribes before the arrival of the Spaniards. In the late 1500’s, during the Spanish conquest, it was discovered that the area was filled with rich mines, and so a great mining town was established.

We will start our tour by visiting the now abandoned Santa Brigida mine, which started operating in 1589 and mantained operations for almost 400 years until the 1960’s. We will explore it’s ruins, get to know its rich and long history as well as its last few years of operations.

Signs of its rich minerals are evident in the rocks strewn all around the area: copper, gold, silver and zinc among others. We will see it’s long abandoned buildings, ovens and structures that tell a rich history of an exciting time now past.

We will eventually descend with headlamps into one of the last few tunnels of the mine which is still safe to explore, and see and experience the place where thousands of miners worked for hundreds of years.

An exploration of the past, with particular architecture and falling remains will provide for a unique and memorable experience with a backdrop of interesting landscapes.

After our visit to the mine we will head to the Lavender Ranch, a local spot where different species of lavender and other aromatic herbs are grown and processed for a great variety of purposes. We will smell the many types of lavender, get to know it’s uses and how it’s grown and processed. Depending on the time of year, a wonderful purple field of lavender makes for a beautiful spot for photos.

Finally, we will have lunch at a local restaurant with fantastic Mexican food in a lovely relaxing setting. We will end our tour with a leisourly stroll through the central square where we can enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream before heading back to San Miguel.

A tour of a rich and prosperous past, long gone, but which tells it’s story through it’s fascinating remains and lovely locals, always ready with a welcoming smile.


This tour can be taken any day of the week.


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Price includes all taxes and fees, transportation from and back to San Miguel de Allende, all entrance fees, unlimited cold purified water, a snack, full lunch and your own private guide who will accompany you in the van and at the sites.

Deposit is $20 USD per person to complete the booking. Balance is to be paid in cash only on the day of the tour in USD or MXN. If you prefer to pay your balance with a credit card that can be processed with a +8% transaction fee.

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